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Alan N Design offers expert user experience and interaction design to help you further your brand online and beyond. Let me know how can I help.
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Graphic Design

Visual design for websites, user interfaces, illustrations for iPhone and iPad apps, web apps and DVD menu interactives. I work hard to make interactives visually compelling and a positive user experience.

"" - UX Design for
site and flash interactives "The Electric Mist" - Feature Film
Website "44 Inch Chest" - Feature Film Website "" - a CMS online
interactive syllabi for New Media Studies, a CMS blog about tech,
gadgets and gaming "Eureka" - an iPad 2 app "Gorilla Driving A Rocket" - iPhone
game DVD Menu
Interactive for "Cher, The Farewell Tour" "Thug Angel" - DVD Menu Interactive

Interaction Design

For more specific interaction design work, click here. My goal is not only to make interactions functional but to take user experience design to the next level - to make the interactions convenient, positive and meaningful.

"" - UX Design for site and flash interactives "" - UX Design for site and flash interactives Flow and storyboard for iPad 2 app, EUREKA Wireframes for iPad 2 app, EUREKA Flow for feature film website, 44 INCH CHEST "" - UX Design for site and flash interactives

Video Editing

Online and mobile interactivity expands with the power of video. Alan N Design can add HD video production, editing, motion graphics and audio design to enhance your brand experience beyond still images and words.


Alan N Design has been in business since 1995 helping all kinds of Clients make their mark online. Let me know how I can help your business.
Call me at 323-253-5300 or email me at

Download current resume (88k .pdf )
Download UX case studies (2.9MB .pdf )
Download iPad 2 app case (9MB .pdf ), interactive mock-up here.


I love interaction and exchanging information about design, new media and usability. Follow me (Digtal Art Online) at